Research Reports»Metrosoft June 2019

The fund industry is our domain. In 2002, we delivered paperless statements and web dealing to a client, yet their broad adoption took many years.

Artificial intelligence, robotics and blockchain are among the technologies that promise to revolutionise fund management. But how well is the funds industry prepared for these changes ahead?

How is the funds industry adapting to the latest technological challenges? it could do better, if our latest survey of funds professionals is anything to go by...

However, there are problems. According to our respondents, the funds industry is not good at handling change.

In fairness to the funds industry, the challenges ahead are daunting. Within the business, core systems and processes have often metamorphosed beyond their original aims (due to ageing technology, changing regulation and customer demands), making change difficult.

The final questions in the survey asked respondents to identify which factors are most important, at business and industry level, in supporting effective change management.

A panel of experts from across the funds industry was asked to comment on the survey.

We asked a sample of funds professionals from across the industry to answer our online survey.

Upcoming webinars

Fund oversight and compliance are crucially important features of the modern investment landscape. Our panel discussion will examine current challenges and assess why it's time to integrate, automate and digitise.

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