Research Reports»Clearstream Jan 2020

Bernard Tancré, Executive Director, Head of Investment Fund Services, Clearstream

The term “fund platform” is widely used in the asset management industry, but without common agreement about what it does.

Respondents anticipate that assets under administration on fund platforms are likely to rise over the coming three years in their country or region.

Which services do fund platform operators deliver well? And where can fund platform operators improve to meet the service expectations of their users?

When asked to identify what the major sources of disruption will be to the fund platform marketplace (fig 11), respondents said that technology companies will be the primary challengers to the platform operators’ current business models (61%).

The survey finds that the majority of respondents define a “fund platform” to be more than a sales function.

A panel of experts was asked to comment on key questions from the survey.

How will the market for third-party fund distribution develop over the coming three years in your region?

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